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FAQs - Getting Started


How much do the vending machines cost?

Vending machines are owned by Coke Vending, but are delivered, installed and maintained free of charge. They are replenished by a qualified Coke Vending personnel.

What is included in our 'all inclusive' service?

Coke Vending will supply and install the vending machine (vending machines are owned by Coke Vending), stock and replenish the vending machine, provide ongoing service and maintenance and provide you with an overview of the machine’s sales performance upon your request.

How do I know which vending machine to choose?

A Coke Vending representative will work with you to place a suitable vending machine in your environment.

Who will I deal with?

A Coke Vending business development executive will help in choosing and setting up your machine. You can also talk to someone at the Coke customer care centre 24/7 about issues or queries.

How long would it take to receive a machine?

Our machines can be delivered and installed within 7-10 working days after the order is received.

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