Why Choose Us?

Coke Vending is your one-stop-shop for beverage and snack vending, providing a customised, all-inclusive customer service to ultimately enhance the consumer retail experience.

Why Choose Us - High Quality Machines

Advanced Automation

Coke Vending supply a range of high quality, easy-to-use machines for any environment.

Modern Machines

We have a fleet of over 20,000 machines with most manufactured with the latest design and enhanced usability features. Coke Vending machines are tested to ensure compliance with applicable Australian Standards and Electrical Safety and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC/C-Tick) requirements. The models can be made to meet specific requirements including appearance and security level. Most machines are equipped with ‘back-to-base’ automated monitoring designed to keep it stocked and running.

Multiple Payment Methods

Most Coke Vending machines accept coins, notes and credit cards. We are also trialing state-of-the-art VendSwift digital vending machines, which conveniently allow customers to quickly purchase drinks using a digital touchscreen.


For over 10 years, we have worked with equipment suppliers to produce more environmentally sustainable equipment. We request that suppliers meet our standards in relation to reducing the environmental impact of vending machines through both machine design and materials used.

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